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Your Animals Have Wisdom to Share with You

Animals speak the Universal language of the heart--which they convey through feelings, images and/or emotions.  They are pure Divine energy and they can "see" from the Soul's perspective.  

  • Your life purpose

  • Their reason and purpose in being with you

  • Insights into physical health and emotional well-being for both of you

  • Insights into the animal's behavioral issues 

While humans use verbal language to communicate, animals “converse” through direct transmission of thoughts, feelings, and images.  This type of non-verbal communication is called telepathy.  Telepathy with an animal is like tuning in to a radio station.  

Bugghananda  (Feline Master Healer)

How does animal communication work?
How does animal communication work over distances?

Because telepathy is a heart to heart communication, physical distance is not a factor.  A radio can pick up signals from great distances, as can your cell phone.  Telepathy works the same way. 

Here’s how I work with you: 

Step 1 - You provide a photograph of your animal and also give vital statistics

Step 2 - Email me your questions. (My fee is based on the number of questions.)

Step 3 - I will tune into your animal, ask your questions and also ask if your animal has any other information to offer.

Step 4 - If you would like healing work for your animal, it will be done at this time.

Step 5 - A transcript of the communication will be emailed to you as a Word document.

Step 6 - If you would like an additional phone conversation, we can arrange that for an additional fee.

Animal Communication

Remote Animal Healing Session

In-Person Healing Touch/Energy Healing For Animals

Did you know they can tell you about these things and much more?
Services for Animals
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Exploring Soul Contracts with Animals

Services for Humans
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Intuitive Guidance

Intuitive Guidance with Energy Healing

Energy Healing for Humans (hands-on and remote)

Animal Communication Mentoring

Crystal room


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