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Human Services

Intuitive Guidance

$100 per hour

Your celestial team and Diane will assist you in accessing your soul’s guidance. During this time, you will be introduced to spiritual tools which your team will provide for you.

Hands-on Energy Healing (In-person)

$100 per hour

Hands-on energy sessions are tailored to your specific intentions and always include information from your "celestial team of helpers."  Diane   simply serves as a conduit between you and Spirit. Sessions have the potential to provide the following benefits and much more:

-Your body is inspired to remember that it knows how to heal itself

-Your Divine blueprint for health and wellness is restored.

-Your immune system receives a boost

-Balance and equilibrium are restored to all systems, include physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

-All chakras are cleared and balanced.

-Blocked energies and resistances are cleared, including energies from past lives which might be affecting your current life.

-You will feel a deep sense of peace and relaxation. 

Intuitive Guidance with Hands-on Energy Healing

(Typically lasts 2 to 2 ½ hours) 

$100 per hour for the first 2 hours

$75 per hour each additional hour

This is a powerful combination which can facilitate forward movement on your life path.  These sessions can balance your energies, offer you profound insights and give you tools for successfully navigating your life’s journey. 

Animal Communication Mentoring

Sessions are 1-1/2 hours:  $100

Package of 4 sessions = $350

Package of 6 sessions = $500

Learn to access your innate ability to communicate with animals in one-on-one personal sessions.  You will learn the basics of communication as well as healing techniques you can use immediately with your own animals and others.  Private sessions give you the opportunity to fast track your skills!  

Sessions are I ½ hours and are either in person or via telephone.

Remote Energy Healing

$75 per hour

Remote sessions have the ability to effect positive changes without the client being physically present.  A set time is arranged so that the session may be received at a time of your choosing.  You will receive a transcript outlining the results of your session.


Healing in the Crystalarium

Call for Pricing

Crystals have the unique ability to interact with you energetically. Their ability to harness the power of your mind and your heart is truly incredible.  It’s through basking in their presence that you really connect to their magic.  They can increase your life force energy, enhance your feelings of wellbeing, and even assist with physical issues. The crystals can take you to a place of deep relaxation and calmness.  Crystals can even facilitate your journeying to other dimensions, if you wish.

Accelerated Healing Package

$400 (payments may be made over time)

2 sessions of intuitive guidance plus 2 sessions of hands-on energy work 

-Two sessions of intuitive guidance will include physical scans and information from your celestial team, as well as information accessed from the Akashic Records.

-The two sessions of energy healing will be calibrated to support the information accessed in your sessions of intuitive guidance.

Sessions are 1-½ hours each. Sessions are typically done weekly or bi-weekly, but can be structured to suit your schedule.

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