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Animal Services

Diana has extensive experience and qualifications in the following discplines:

Animal Communication

 Fee for 5 questions = $100 

Fee for additional questions on request. 


Your animals do not need to be present for this service

Animals may be living or deceased


1- You provide a photograph, a description of your animal and the questions you would like answered.

2 - I remotely communicate with your animal(s), ask your questions and also ask if the animal has a message for you.

3 - A typed transcript of the communication will be emailed to you as a Word document.


**If you have additional questions after the communication, you may schedule a phone call at an additional charge

$50 for 30 minutes


In-Person Healing Touch/Energy Healing

1 session = $150

In person sessions include intuitive scanning and animal communication to determine the cause of the presenting issues.  

Energy healing can address the following:

-Physical maladies

-Emotional issues, such as stress, anxiety and fear

-Trauma with resulting PTSD


Healing Touch relaxes and calms the nervous system, boosts the healing response and balances the body.

Energy medicine is safe and natural to use with any other treatments including drugs, herbal remedies, and other protocols.  

Remote Healing Touch Session

1 session = $75

2 or more = $50 each

How does energy work help your animal?

-Modalities like Healing Touch for Animals can assist with all issues, whether they are physical, emotional or behavioral.  Energy healing can release trauma and restore balance to all systems in the physical and energetic bodies.

-In the same way that telepathy works over any distance, so does remote energy healing. (This is the reason your animal does not need to be present for the energy work, unless you prefer hands on.)

How do I perform the Healing Touch remotely?

1 - I intuitively scan your animal’s body for imbalances.  

2 - I make notes of my findings, then perform the Healing Touch. 

3 - You will receive an email of my findings as a Word document.  

Exploration of soul contracts

Soul contract reading = $150

What are soul contracts and why are they important?

-Soul contracts are agreements we have made with every human and animal we encounter.

-The purpose of a soul contract is to offer opportunities for personal growth and expansion.

-Soul contracts reveal what your animals have come to teach you or mirror for you.

-Soul contract information can provide answers to questions about physical, emotional and mental well-being. 

Animal Communication Mentoring

Sessions are 1-1/2 hours:  $100

Package of 4 sessions = $350

Package of 6 sessions = $500

Learn to access your innate ability to communicate with animals in one-on-one personal sessions.  You will learn the basics of communication as well as healing techniques you can use immediately with your own animals and others.  Private sessions give you the opportunity to fast track your skills!  

Sessions are I ½ hours and are either in person or via telephone.

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