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On the fence about what to do? Maybe reading about other people’s experience will give you the information you need! Check out what people from all walks of life have to say about Diane’s readings, sessions, and more! 

Diane’s animal communication gifts showed me that the spiritual work that I was doing was being assisted from the Spirit Realm. She helped me understand that my beloved cat Moonlight was really okay after he had crossed over. Through my other surviving cat, Moonlight was helping me transmute some old patterns of emotional behavior so I could become a clearer channel for my own storytelling and healing endeavors.  

Kristin Ace

The best thing that I have done for myself and my pets was to have soul contract readings with Diane.  The information that came from Buckley and Lizzie's reading was amazing!  Both of my pets are rescues and Diane gave me insights to help with their transition into our family and understand why they found their way to me.  Because of Diane's help I have a rewarding relationship with my fuzzy family!  - Wendy Kennedy

Diane Jackson is an intuitive healer for both humans and animals who has helped me personally in my quest for spiritual growth and healing. The highest compliment a physician can give, is to refer friends and family. I would recommend her to anyone who wants a holistic approach to their healing process or who is seeking a wise and supportive guide along the path of their personal life journey. - Jennifer Swanson, MD FACEP

Diane has shown an amazing ability to communicate not only with my cats, but also with my friends’ cats and dogs. Diane has also helped me personally with energy work and counseling. She generally works with me on creating a more authentic life, by helping me work towards my soul’s purpose. My spirituality has grown immensely, due to my work with Diane, I am leading a much healthier and happier life. - Nora

I've known Diane for many years. She is an uplifting, skilled and gifted healer and intuitive--open hearted and compassionate with people and animals. She has the ability to hone right in on and deliver what is needed in the moment.  Her character, integrity and warm personality will insure that you and your animals feel comfortable and blessed that you are in such good hands!" - Beloved  Heartsong, Director, LaHo-Chi Institute of Energy Healing

Diane clearly articulates from the animal's perspective and has always helped me understand the BIGGER picture (E-X-P-A-N-D-E-D awareness) and the soul contract which brought us together. One of my most memorable consults with Diane came after the sudden death of my beloved horse, Fire of Life.  She led me to the deepest understanding one can have with an animal.  After 18 years together, I could finally see that HE had been the true partner and support in my life.  He saw the changes I needed to make----and his transition was his last gift and "push" to me to finally find my true happiness. I am very grateful for the knowledge, expertise, integrity and grace that Diane brings to her work.  She is a true Earth Angel!  - Kathy Montgomery 

I love this woman and her skills!  I have used Diane on three separate occasions with my fur-babies and have gotten accurate tangible information every time. Our first encounter involved my baby Casper, who has dog aggression. I wanted to understand where this came from and how we could help him to show his best side and stop attacking the neighbor’s dog.  Diane expertly tuned into Casper's heart and gave us clear direction on his needs. We immediately implemented his requests and enrolled him in a self-esteem class. He's a different dog today! 

The second encounter involved my fur baby Bear. He developed a cancerous tumor on his tail. Diane was able to explain Bear's mission with me and our family, provide suggestions to communicate with Bear on different choices, and gave distance healing regularly which prolonged his quality of life for another year!  

And the third encounter was to help us in choosing the "right fit" next family member for our Casper after Bear passed away. She described Vader to a tee, and he and his brother love each other so much!   Vader brings such joy to our lives!

No matter your situation with your fur friends, Diane is the one to call. She is caring, compassionate professional who delivers easy to apply steps to bridge the language barrier between us and our babies!  I'm a highly satisfied client! - Stacey Brown

I am so grateful that you spent the time with Lu that you did.  The body scan and the energy “difference” you mentioned in her right hip blew me away---my husband, too. So amazing that you could pick up on her painful hip without even seeing Lu!  We now understand why she was growling and snapping at us.  She was not being mean; she was really in pain.  Your communication was dead on!!  We are implementing all the suggestions you made and Lu is feeling so much better!  Thanks so much for your kindness and your assistance.  - Lindsay Joyner

WOW! I’ve worked with a couple of different animal communicators over my lifetime, but I’ve never received such depth and clarity before.  What a gift!  I will take all of their comments to heart, and will work on trusting my own abilities to communicate. - Cindy Mann

Oh my goodness, I cannot stop laughing and crying at the same time.   This totally captured their personalities.    Kashmir is such a shy, aloof girl, and Sahara is a crazy wild man.  I am so happy to receive this information.  This is just magnificent and I am so very grateful.   What a gift you have and I'm so happy that I could have this experience. -  Rebecca Olejar

Earlier this year I had reached my wits end working with my 6 year old Appaloosa gelding. I work with a fantastic trainer and yet there were road blocks we couldn’t navigate around in his progress.  Such behaviors as bucking, complete defiance and an ever increasing disconnection.  The animal communication process with Diane was so amazing!  She is so kind, warm and honest.  After I received my reading I broke down in relief. The issues in his health and attitude were addressed thru ulcer treatment, acupuncture and saddle fitting.   He is now a completely different horse-willing and ready to work! - T. Kuhlber

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