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Diane Jackson

Animal Communicator ~ Energetic Healing Facilitator

Diane’s love for animals has always been an integral part of her life. From her earliest memories, she has never been without a house full of furry ones. She feels that her passionate desire to serve animals opened the door to “hearing and feeling” their messages.  These messages can be humorous or quite serious, but they are always delivered with immense love for their human companions.

These great masters truly wish to offer information that will provide opportunities for deeper understanding of our life experiences.  As her glorious feline, Lovebug aka Bugghananda said to her: “Remember Grasshoppa, you are the student, not the teacher.”


Diane has worked with horses for most of her life--riding, teaching and training.  Although she competed successfully in dressage and combined training, she always had the feeling that something was missing in her relationship with the horses.

Diane freely admits that she is not one of those intuitives who say they knew from a young age that they had psychic abilities.  In fact, she believes that her feelings of disconnection from the horses were the biggest catalyst for her to search for answers that ultimately, only the animals could provide.


As part of her search, Diane discovered the power of different healing modalities to assist both the animals and their persons. 

Diane’s Training Includes:


-Healing Touch for Animals

-Arcing Angelic Light

-La-Ho-Chi (movement of light and energy)


-Matrix Energetics

-Quantum Touch

-Emotional Freedom Technique

-Reiki Master

-Infinity Healing

-Direct information from Spirit


Diane’s most fervent desire is to help humans build a communication bridge with their animals—a heart to heart link that can be a source of loving support like no other.


Diane holds a Master’s Degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology with a minor in Psychology.

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